natasha soureti
Δρ. Νατάσα Σουρέτη
Ψυχολόγος Υγείας - Γνωσιακή Ψυχοθεραπεύτρια - EMDR Practitioner

She studied psychology at Westminster University in London and completed her postgraduate studies in health psychology and organizational psychology at the City University of London.

Specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders and Depression in the program of the University Psychiatric Clinic of the Aeginite Hospital and the Research University Institute of Mental Hygiene (EPIDYD) in

SHe holds a PhD in ‘Risk Communication, planning & amp; mechanisms of behavior change in high CVD risk population ’from the medical school of the VU University of Amsterdam.

He worked in England from 2001-2004 as a health psychologist at Queen Mary and City Universities. She also specialized in smoking cessation and worked as the head of smoking cessation clinics for the Public Health System in London (NHS Newham PCT) and as a trainer for mental health professionals in the use of behavioral techniques in smokers.

Since 2004 she has been working as a researcher at R&D at Unilever UK, on ​​behavioral change protocols related to exercise, diet and smoking cessation with the aim of improving the quality of life, where she remained until 2007.

Since 2008 she maintains her private office as a psychologist-psychotherapist in New Heraklion, Attica, where she provides individual treatment to people with anxiety disorders and a variety of other difficulties. In addition, she is responsible for the smoking cessation program with success rates of 75%.

SHe works in the Health Department of the Hellenic Police as a psychologist. She has had a stable collaboration since 2012 with private colleges as an instructor and supervisor of internships for Psychology students, in undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

SHe is a collaborator in the Cognitive Psychotherapy program of the Aeginiteio Hospital ( Hellenic Society of Cognitive Psychotherapy ).

She is a consultant at Mdina International, providing services to multinationals as team coordinators in human resource development, management and recruitment programs and in Behavior change programs, smoking cessation groups, stress management and burnout prevention.