Cognitive Psychotherapy
Cognitive psychotherapy is based on the saying of the Acquired that "man is not disturbed by things, but by his ideas about them". So it is not all these facts that play the decisive role, but our translations of them.
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EMDR approach
The method aims to facilitate the processing of painful experiences, the desensitization of triggers that trigger discomfort in the present, and the negotiation and integration of adaptive attitudes, skills, and behaviors.
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Quit Smoking
Our program combines medication, psychological support and monitoring by specialized staff (cardiologist and psychologist). It lasts 3 months, with repeated appointments at 6 months and 12 months.
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natasha soureti

Dr. Soureti Anastasia
Health Psychologist - Cognitive Psychotherapist - EMDR Practitioner

She studied psychology at Westminster University in London and completed her postgraduate studies in health psychology and organizational psychology at the City University of London.

He specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy for Anxiety Disorders and Depression in the program of the University Psychiatric Clinic of the Aeginite Hospital and the University Research Institute of Mental Health and Health (EMD).

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The scourge of Depression at the center of an informative event of the Municipality of Heraklion Attica

Η μάστιγα της Κατάθλιψης στο επίκεντρο ενημερωτικής εκδήλωσης του Δήμου Ηρακλείου Αττικής

Conference: Traffic education & road safety

Το Σώμα εθελοντών του Δήμου Ηρακλείου Αττικής διοργανώνει Ημερίδα με Θέμα: Κυκλοφοριακή αγωγή & οδική ασφάλεια την Τετάρτη 21 Μαρτίου 2018 και ώρα 20.00 στο πολιτιστικό πολύκεντρο “ΗΛΕΚΤΡΑ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΟΥ” του Δήμου Ηρακλείου Αττικής.

Relationship Psychology: From Self-Acceptance to Companionship

Although during the life of each. relationship is relevant to a number of lessons learned helping to go a little further, knowing a little better about myself, it is unbelievable how many of the requirements and expectations we have placed on erotic µas relationships!