The scourge of Depression at the center of an informative event of the Municipality of Heraklion Attica
The disease of the 21st century, Depression, is brought to the fore by the Municipality of Heraklion, Attica, inviting the citizens to discuss together ways of prevention and methods of its treatment, in the informative action organized on Monday, December 4, at 18.00, at the Cultural Center “Electra Apostlou” Koundouriotou & Youth).

The first step in identifying the problem, which is why the program of speeches opens with Mary Karabetsou (MSc occupational therapist and director of Social Policy of the Municipality) with the section “Depression: Let’s talk”. Orestis Giotakos (psychiatrist MD, MSc, PhD, head of “Umbrella”) will take the baton to talk about “Depression in the Workplace”, while Dr. Natasa Soureti, (Health psychologist, cognitive psychotherapist, EMDR Practitioner) analyzes the role of cognitive psychotherapy in understanding Depression. Coordinated by the Deputy Mayor of Social Welfare and Health, George Economides.

After the speeches of the experts, the public will be able to ask their questions in the open discussion that will follow.