I live without smoking τέλος Say goodbye today !!

Every year thousands of people successfully quit smoking. Every effort is different and the program you choose plays a big role. It is important to choose a method that is in line with your lifestyle, that is scientifically effective and a health professional that you will feel comfortable with. People who take medication and receive professional help triple their chances of success.

Our program combines medication, psychological support and monitoring by specialized staff (cardiologist and psychologist). It lasts 3 months, with repeated appointments at 6 months and 12 months.

The success rate of the method is 70-75%. The high levels of success are related to the fact that we follow a very intensive and organized program, based on world-proven methods of smoking cessation.

Do I need medical attention?

As part of the program we offer follow-up by Cardiologists mainly to people with a burdensome medical history.

Why do I need to use medication?

It is not necessary to use drugs. However, nicotine addiction is now officially considered by the World Health Organization as a chronic disease that must be treated with medication. Medication helps to reduce the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. After all, our goal is to make your effort as easy as possible and not to make it difficult for you.

Is there coverage from public funds?

Unfortunately the costs are not covered by public funds. The only exception is the fund of the “Single Journalistic Organization of Auxiliary Insurance and Care”.

Will I have a desire to smoke?

Anyone who tells you that he has found the method that completely eliminates desires and withdrawal symptoms will be lying to you. However, as long as one is successful in one’s endeavor and does not smoke, the desires will begin to diminish, their tone and frequency will change.

Are medicines written in the booklet?

Unfortunately at this time none of the smoking cessation drugs are prescribed. They are considered “lifestyle change” drugs and therefore are not included in other prescription drugs.

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program is initially set at 3 months and is adjusted accordingly. Monitoring is necessary every week during the first month of treatment and every 15 days. Repeat sessions are recommended after 6 and 12 months.

Is an e-cigarette safe?

There is a worrying lack of safety data for the e-cigarette, despite their growing popularity with the public, two prominent Greek researchers have warned. In the British Medical Journal (BMJ), they say that without more data it is impossible to know if these products do more harm than good. Some studies have raised safety concerns, but retailers say e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking cessation.

The British Ministry of Health advises consumers to “be especially careful”. At this time we do not know any evidence of the long-term safety of e-cigarettes and, therefore, their use is not recommended by consumers until the results of studies on their safety.

The World Health Organization is among those who raise concerns about the safety of these new types of cigarette substitutes, which deliver a nicotine boost after the substance has evaporated.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has blocked e-cigarette shipments across the border because the devices have not been approved.

Andreas Flouris and Dimitris Oikonomou, from the Institute of Physical Performance and Rehabilitation in Greece, say there have been three key reports on e-cigarette safety: a) one by US regulators, b) one by Greek public funding research institution, and (c) by a private company in New Zealand.